Leodis Academies Trust

'Forging Young Futures'



About Leodis Academies Trust

At Leodis Academies Trust we are committed to developing every young person‘s full learning potential through a wide variety of educational experiences in an environment that fosters positive relationships based on mutual respect.


Every Individual as Part of the Whole

Each of our Academies have their own identity and ethos that reflects their specific community and the needs of the young people within them. They are, however, all underpinned by a strong sense of purpose, order and control which in turn produces confident and enthusiastic young people who value education and the opportunities it affords them.


Building on Excellence Together

Not content with focusing on just academic excellence, we shape our young people into fully rounded individuals, ready to face the demands of a rapidly changing society. Each Academy provides a curriculum that extends beyond the classroom, valuing and providing enrichment opportunities for our young people to develop their talents and to find new skills and interests. We access a comprehensive range of support and development services, in-house and externally, to ensure barriers to learning are tackled and their impact on attainment is reduced to allow every young person to make significant progress. The Trust is committed to supporting all young people in our community from cradle to career.

Our positive outlook and excellent reputation enables us to attract and sustain high quality staff teams led by exceptional leaders. Our tireless focus on quality first teaching and personal development secures a safe, happy and high achieving learning environment for all our young people. We value every success and celebrate the achievements of all our young people through events, newsletters and our websites.


Looking Outwards to Strengthen Within

With collaboration at the heart of our work as a Trust, we are able to share practice, resources and philosophy through our subject networks that secure high quality teaching and learning across our schools. 


Whilst we focus on working together across Leodis, we recognise that we cannot grow, develop and fulfil our vision for every young person without the strong partnerships we have in place beyond Leodis. 


Central to this is our Leodis Support Service which extends the support we provide to children and their families. Through the relationship between home and school, strong communication and open, honest dialogue we know our young people well and can work together to meet their needs. Actively working with a number of strategic partners means Leodis is well placed to support new partners joining the Trust.